Local Culture Writing Sample

A cat eating a fish on a dock in Oriental, NC.

Roll Out at 5:30 am

Sunsets are just fine by me and occur at a much more reasonable time. Thus, my idea of an early start is 7:00 am. If there is good reason to get up before then I have yet to find it. Then again I don’t make my living on the water. If the water is your office, be it rivers, lakes, or seas, it behooves you to get an early start and reap the benefits of calm winds, cooler temps, and a subdued sun. When I approached Keith Bruno to ask him if I could tag along with his boys to shoot images of them working the waters around Oriental he graciously agreed so long as I kept the focus on the work and avoided the politics between commercial fishermen and sport fishermen, regulatory agencies and similarly charged subjects. I confirmed this would not be a problem and explained my interests were experiential, not political…

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