Broken bicycle after being involved in an accident.

Public Awareness Writing Sample

Sharing the Road with a Cyclist General Statute Chapter 20 on Motor Vehicles covers the laws of operating a bicycle on North Carolina public roads. Bicycles are considered vehicles and their riders the driver of that vehicle. Bicycles are NOT…
A cat eating a fish on a dock in Oriental, NC.

Local Culture Writing Sample

Roll Out at 5:30 am Sunsets are just fine by me and occur at a much more reasonable time. Thus, my idea of an early start is 7:00 am. If there is good reason to get up before then I have yet to find it. Then again I don’t make my living on…
Aerial photograph of a house on the water in Oriental, NC

How To Writing Sample

I'm now entering my second year as a professional photographer. I've learned a lot about photography from a technical perspective but the most valuable skills I've acquired have been learned by working with a wide array of clients. I've decided…

Social Commentary Writing Sample

Over the last two weeks I've had a few people send me civil but contrary messages about using the #MakeOrientalCoolAgain hashtag. Seeing how this has garnered some attention I should probably now elaborate on its origin, meaning and context. For…
Examples of hashtags.
Village Health and Fitness Class Partcipants
The Circle Squared Publishing Logo

The Circle Squared Logo

Mad Mathesis alone was unconfined,
 Too mad for mere material chains to bind, Now to pure space lifts her ecstatic stare,
  Now, running round the circle, finds it square.[1] The next time you see a bicycle take notice of the emblem…